The Lite L1 series Greenhouse 8ft

Double Sliding DoorDouble Sliding Door
PC 4mmPC 4mmPC 6mmPC 6mm
8x20 ft8x20 ft8x18 ft8x18 ft8x16 ft8x16 ft8x14 ft8x14 ft8x12 ft8x12 ft8x10 ft8x10 ft8x8 ft8x8 ft8x6 ft8x6 ft8x4 ft8x4 ft
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The Lite Series is the promotional greenhouse series, which is an introduction to gardening and is loved by many customers because of its low price. It has excellent insulation properties and can provide the most basic protection for flowers and plants. The drainage system uses the natural dripping way, if you need a better drainage system, you need to buy additional accessories.

High strength, transparent polycarbonate greenhouse;

Can effectively isolate ultraviolet rays;

High elastic polycarbonate plastic wall, not easy to break;

Made of solid aluminum alloy without rust;

Classic and practical design ;

The use process is maintenance free ;

Effectively protect plants from adverse weather and provide a suitable growing environment;

Greenhouses are available in a variety of sizes and colors;

Product Video-Installation:


cm feet cm feet cm feet cm feet cm feet
WIDTH 244 8.00 - - 112 3.67 - - 244 8.00
LENGTH 128.8 4.22 - - - - - - 129 4.22
HEIGHT 210 6.89 - - 163 5.35 115 3.77 5 0.16

COVERING AREA = 3.19M2 / 32FT2


Clear Polycarbonate Panels

Crystal-clear polycarbonate panels allow over 90% light transmission;

Panels block up to 100% of harmful UV rays for safer gardening;

High-resiliency safe transparent polycarbonate; does not fracture, turn yellow, opacify, or shatter over time;

Aluminum Frame

Non-rusting aluminum frame provides a highly durable and extra-rigid structure;

Galvanized (rust-resistant) steel perimeter base for increased durability and stability;

Easy assembly

Sliding assembly system ;

Uniform profiles for all positions ;

Hinged door can be assembled as a right or left hand door;

Drainage system

lmproves structural stability andweather resistance;

Roof vent

Provides air flow and allows regulation of heat and humidity;

Galvanized steel base

Adds structural stability;


Focus on Excellence

It's always day 1 at DouxBeBe.

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